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Getting around Uptown just got more fun!
by  Liz Warren

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Red Rock Rickshaw founder Maxine Grebenstein opened for business on Easter weekend with five cabs and a rotating crew of 12 drivers, including her two sons. Based at the north end of the new parking lot off Jordan Road, the company’s daily pedicab services cover Uptown transportation from Forest Road to the La Vista Motel and from Jordan Road to the Historical Park.

Grebenstein came up with the idea of opening a pedicab service in Sedona after experiencing their charm and efficiency firsthand on a business trip in San Diego.

Leaving a restaurant one evening with plans to take a taxi back to her hotel, she found herself instead talking to a pedicab driver, who soon convinced her to give his unusual little vehicle a chance.

The driver won her over by offering a blanket to ward off the chilly night and then, with her permission, took another driver up on a spontaneous racing challenge. An unforgettably exciting ride ensued for the passengers as they cheered their drivers on. Grebenstein’s driver, the unquestionable underdog, managed to beat out the more experienced driver by a hair’s breadth and Grebenstein became a pedicab convert.

Over the course of her San Diego trip, Grebenstein used pedicab services several times, and soon observed that the drivers offered something that other transits systems don’t – a friendly, informal concierge service of sorts.

In fact, the drivers act as “goodwill ambassadors,” always well-informed on area events and places and liked by the business owners and community members they encounter on their daily circuits.

Soon after returning to Sedona, Grebenstein realized what a boon a pedicab service could be to the community – an eco-friendly, fun asset to Uptown transportation.

Pedicab fares range from $4-10, depending on the length of the ride.         

The pedicab service is available for private rental, for special events such as weddings and parties. For reservations or additional information, call (928) 300-3376.

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