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Ivan Finley, "Calls it as he sees it"



Editor's note: Finley has been "calling it as he sees it" each month in The Red Rock Review for nearly a year, now. It is both our editorial policy and through agreement with Finley that we not edit his column for content. As it is the election season, Finley naturally notified us that he'd be doing an "election piece," but that he was furious with the tone of one of the races and might have to "take his gloves off." The Red Rock Review in no way endorses a single idea or viewpoint espoused in Finley's column. In fact, a straw poll of staff employees was equally split on the race, with a few abstentions. Here's Ivan, "in his own words."

The incumbent "Arlo Davis" has fired the first cheap shots of the local election season. In a recent advertisement, Davis pictured himself as one good man in a white hat, while showing his opponent as "The Other Guy," in two black hats.

Davis goes on to imply conflicts of interest, that his opponent is only going to do a part time job if he is elected to the supervisor's position, and many more demeaning remarks about "The Other Guy's Lifestyle." That other guy is John Paladini, and he's a very honorable man with a stellar record, who is running a campaign without slinging dirt.

If this ad is a result of Davis hiring an out-of-State Michigan consulting firm to advise him and run his campaign - and to tell the voters of the Verde Valley who to vote for - who is supporting him financially?

I received a letter from the president of The Sierra Club (local) and the vice president of the 4R's (Responsible Residents of the Red Rocks) taking exception to a statement in my letter to CFAR (Citizens for an Alternative Route) members that Mr. Davis was being funded and supported by them. I hereby stand corrected. However, in viewing the petitions signed for Mr. Davis and the financial reports from the past, I can't help but notice a lot of their members on both lists.

Also, as an aside, when I last ran for City Council, the two 4R candidates put out literature that I was in the pocket of "The Realtors, The Developers, The Contractors, The Business leaders" - does that mean that Mr. Davis is in the pocket of the 4R's and the Sierra Club if their members contribute financially and sign his petitions? I don't think so.

That kind of misinformation campaign forces me to take my gloves off.

There is one more candidate for Yavapai County Supervisor. Her name is Hope Cermelj. Backers of Supervisor Davis, living in the Village of Oak Creek, tried to get her nomination withdrawn by filing a charge that she did not have enough valid signatures to qualify for running.

John Paladini went to court for her and successfully convinced the judge that the Arizona law was unconstitutional and that she stay in the race as an Independent. Doesn't this speak to the ethical and moral character of Paladini?

To set the record straight, Paladini and his wife and twin daughters own five acres in Cornville, built themselves a nice house, fenced a yard for the children. They have a fenced pasture irrigated where they raise from 8 to 15 head of cattle at a time. He also buys and sells horses. But since when does this have anything to do with whether you are qualified to represent the people of the Verde Valley? If it does, then you have already lost.

To Arlo Davis, we have all read the headlines about your problems with E-mail and telephone calls. We read where the Human Resources Director of Yavapai County was requested to resign from her position and was paid four months salary based on her not talking any further on why she left.

We also know that you have the highest expense account and the highest telephone and the highest travel expense of any supervisor during your term.

Remember - early balloting has already started and the primary election is on September 12th, 2000.

You have a clear choice with this election. Do qualifications, background, ethical and moral qualities matter? Or will you be happy with four more years of the samo, samo?

P.S. Here is some information about candidate John Palidini that may help you make up your own mind on whether he should represent you or not.

Paladini recognizes the following items as major issues affecting the Verde Valley:

  • Growth and development

  • The Environment

  • Water, developing sources for communities having trouble

  • Taxes and Government Spending

  • Crime and Safety

  • Education

  • Economic Opportunity

  • Ethical and Moral Leadership

Some personal facts:

  • Married to Wife Jo since 1989, parents to twin daughters.

  • Is a practicing Attorney. Was a Municipal Attorney and Prosecutor for the City of Sedona; Land Use, Zoning and Environmental Attorney since 1993.

  • He was a law clerk in The US Army Judge and Advocate General's Corp, in Washington D.C. Office of the Chief Prosecutor.

  • Graduated from the University of Miami Law School Magna Cum Laude, 1993.

  • Graduated from the University of Oregon, B.S. Journalism.

  • Member of the Arizona Conservation Acquisition Board - appointed by Governor Hull in 1998.

  • Consultant to Arizona Department of Commerce on growth and development issues.

  • Drafter of Resolution on Regional Growth adopted by all the cities and towns in the Verde Valley, as well as Yavapai County and The Apache Indian Nation.

  • Member of the Sedona committee on Growth.

  • Member of the Catholic Diocese School Board, overseeing policy of all Catholic Schools in Northern

Arizona, since 1998.

  • Former instructor Northern Arizona Regional Police Academy.

  • Recognized speaker and published writer on Growing Smarter Management in Arizona.


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