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Ivan Finley Calls it as He Sees it

Finley: Sedona, Don’t Let Your Guard Down Now!

by Ivan Finley


Ivan FinleyDick Ellis and his “Voice of Choice” friends and allies, Keep Sedona Beautiful, Members of the “Retired Residents of the Red Rocks” (Four R’s), maybe even some members of the Sierra Club, have not given up on defeating ADOT on what needs to be done to Highway 179. Just send in your $300 tax refund check and you will be a life member of a group that appears to be against everything.

Dick, you’ve got to be kidding. You are trying to raise $60,000 to purchase an alternate design for Highway 179.

Don’t waste our residents money. They have already paid their taxes, city, county, state, federal, excise and gasoline. We have less than 50% of our income to live on now. We have already paid thousands of dollars and we don’t have a single foot of improvement to this highway. Have you contacted anyone at ADOT to see if they would even look at a plan made up by a grass roots group?

What a waste of money if you haven’t. Maybe your $60,000 would be better spent on trying to establish some kind of housing for the people who will be disposessed when the Windsong property is developed.

Now they (Voice of Choice) have recruited the Supervisor “Arlo Chip Davis” of Yavapai County, who is supposed to represent all the residents of Sedona, but has shown in the past, that with him that is not possible. He has, with the same friends of Dick Ellis destroyed any attempt to restore or develop an alternate route from the Village of Oak Creek to West Sedona.

Davis, with the help of two other supervisors of Yavapai County, just spent $5 million plus or minus on Beaver Head Flat Road. Now they are going to spend another $500,000 on adding a bicycle path.

They’ve got to be kidding, the whole road is a bicycle path.

If you have not driven this road yet, please take it, and be sure to stop at the scenic overlook as you get to Hwy 179. If Chip thinks this is scenic, where has he been?!

If you are really interested in where Davis’ loyalties lie, I want to share with you an e-mail he sent to James Bishop regarding his article on Highway 179. I quote, “You tell those folks, “do not quit!!!!! That is how the bad guys win! Get out and vote, get your friends and neighbors to get out and vote! And most of all fight for what you believe in and don’t be a quitter. God will reward those that fight for what is right.”

What does he think this is, his third run for supervisor?

If there really was a vote for either, the restoration of Red Rock Crossing, or an alternate route and the improvements to Highway 179, he would lose them all. If it is really true that God will reward those that fight for what is right, they (Voice of Choice) will lose.

A group called “Positive Voice” has remained strong in support of ADOT’s program to widen Hwy 179 between the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona. They include: Sedona Village Business Association, Village of Oak Creek, Northern Arizona Healthcare, (SMC, VVMC, FMCO), Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department, Coconino County Sheriff’s Department, Sedona Fire District Board (including Ambulance and EMT), Laidlaw Transportation Company (this is the company that drives all of our children to and from school), Citizens for an Alternate Route (CFAR), Sedona, Verde Valley Association of Realtors, and the Sedona, Verde Valley Republican Men’s Club, among others.

With the support listed above, you tell me who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. The ADOT State Transportation Board voted unanimously to leave the funding in the five-year plan for the improvements to Highway 179. Don’t let an insidious group tell us what we need and what we can have.

You have been quiet too long, please speak now or live with what you get.

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