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Their spirits are soaring:
SRRHS cheerleaders

by Karen Reider

Football and basketball games will never be the same at the Sedona Red Rock High School. And, that’s a good thing ...

Until now, there has never been a cheerleading squad at the school. Those days are over, and that has made 13 very spirited girls, very happy.

The enthusiasm of the cheerleaders is only equalled by their coach, Rena Cureton.

Cureton, who looks like “one of the girls,” is eager to make this a year to remember. A hree-year veteran of cheerleading, she is no stranger to knowing what it takes to form a dynamite team. While coaching is a new experience for her, she isn’t insecure or timid in her approach. “I like to just get in there and do it,” she said.

Tryouts were held in late May and Cureton had no trouble picking the 13 young ladies, ranging from sophomores to seniors, for the squad.

A good attitude and great smile were top criteria for this coach. She also focused on their endurance and ability to remember the cheers they had just one day to learn for tryouts.

Cureton, now practicing with her squad for almost two months, is extremely happy with their progress. The girls give 100% and all get along well with each other. Camaraderie and team spirit go hand-in-hand with this sport.

Cureton, an Arizona native, grew up in Williams. She brings many of the cheers she learned in high school to the team. The girls brainstorm and add their own nuances as well as cheers from other schools they attended. Many squad members have been cheerleaders or taken dance before. This, of course, lends itself to their overall performance.

Practicing a few times a week, Cureton gets right in there with her squad. “My philosophy is, ‘if I can’t do it, I won’t ask them to,’” she said. This could be a challenge for the girls, since it appears there isn’t much Cureton won’t try! A challenge they take seriously while they’re having a great deal of fun.

Practice begins with a warm up and stretch, followed by gymnastics, jumps, cheer routines, stunts and conditioning. Cureton, who attends gymnastic classes once a week on her own, has her gymnastics coach Tom Cadigan work with the squad every week.

Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming USA United Sport Association Camp. This four-day camp held at the NAU campus will help to fine-tune the girls skills.

Cureton is determined to have 20 cheers by the beginning of school. Based on what I’ve seen of her team, I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

Watching them practice is a joy in itself. These are very motivated and focused young women. Cureton is quite proud of them and, no doubt, the football and basketball teams will be as well.

Cureton considers a future in nutrition and personal training but is focused on what she loves doing now. Besides coaching the cheerleaders, she works as Animal Control Officer for the Sedona Police Department.

Cureton stressed the need for community support for the cheerleaders. The expense of their uniforms and other needs come solely from the Booster Club and fundraisers. To raise money, the girls have had rummage and bake sales and local car washes. Keep your eyes open for these activities to lend your support. Cheerleaders in bikinis holding car wash signs should be easy to spot. And supporting such a worthwhile activity should be easy to do.

For those wanting to donate time or money, call Rena at 634-1007.

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