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Garland Activity Complex is “getting ready to happen”

by Ivan Finley

Something great is getting ready to happen at Sedona’s Posse Grounds. A recreational complex named after one of Sedona’s leading citizens, Bill Garland, is in the planning stages.

Garland has been one of the boosters of the Posse Grounds since its conception many years ago and is very deserving of the honor of having the project named the “Garland Activity Complex.”

Ten years ago, in 1991, the Sedona Community Plan, with more than two years of public involvement, identified the need for an indoor recreational center. In 1994, a Posse Ground Master Plan was developed and adopted by the City Council.

Both the Community Plan and the Posse Ground Master Plan went through the amendment process in 1998 and 1999. A Town Hall meeting, three surveys, focus groups and public meetings at the commission level involved the citizens of Sedona in this process. In June of 1998, the City purchased the critical piece of land in the center of the Posse Ground, previously owned by the Arizona State Land Department, at a cost of about $750,000.

After a survey of Sedona area citizens in 1999 (on what they would like to see in the complex), more than 500 teenagers also responded with their views and needs. Last year, the Greater Arizona Development Authority granted the City $35,000 to investigate the feasibility of this facility, whether it would be used and also be economically feasible. This year, the GADA granted another $70,000 for a conceptual design. This design will go to the Planning and Zoning Commission in January 2002.

The Garland Activity Complex consists of three components, a teen center (under construction now, being built with private donations), a picnic/theater area, and a 46,000 square-foot indoor recreation center.

This facility will serve the greater Sedona area residents and visitors. It will be able to serve every age group - and will be a place for all to gather.

 The main things the public wanted in a facility were: an all-year enclosed aquatic center; physical fitness center; gymnasium; aerobic/dance room; multi purpose rooms; an outside water area; and a day care area.

On March 12, 2002, there will be a City election with a ballot question for approval of a plan to finance this project. The future fate of this project will rest in your hands.


The estimated cost is $8 million. This project will not result in any sales tax increase or a property tax. This project will be paid for by:

•               Sale of City-owned land on Soldier Pass Road.

•               Impact fees and Community Facility District Fees.

•               Capitol and Reserve Dollars.

•               Approval by the public for a $3- to $4-million bond issue.

•               Grants and Private Donations.


Get the word out to all your friends and neighbors. Become a “Park Angel” through donations to your favorite area - Aqua Zone, Fitness Zone, or General. You can have a room, pool lane, or pieces of exercise equipment named after yourself or a loved one.

 All donations will be tax deductible. No amount of donation is too big nor too small, every dollar counts. Donations are still being accepted for the Garland Teen Center.

This is our chance to join the many communities our size in many western states that have in place facilities similar to this one. It will serve our community for years to come...

Further information is available from Marie Brown at the Sedona City Hall, phone 282-3113, or e-mail (


The letter to the editor of last month’s issue of The Red Rock Review, from J.A. DeGeorge, deserves an answer.

 First, the name of my column is “Calls it as He Sees it,” and as such, my opinion is my opinion, and I do not know where balance has to come in. By the way, I can’t find the word bo-hick in any of my dictionaries, was that a compliment?

As far as accusing me of inaccuracies, as DeGeorge did not cite any, what kind of defense can I use. Every column that I have written where I have used statistics or figures are taken from official documents by the census bureau, the Sedona City public records, Yavapai County public records, the Sedona City Community Plan, Arizona Department of Transportation records, Police Department public statistics. Some of my opinions come out of my head, but I don’t make up statistics.

P.S. - The Red Rock Review’s editor and publisher, Mr. Robert Scot, is thrilled that you called his publication respectable!!!!

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