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Reach for the stars this holiday season

by Cliff Oscher

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are searching for that unique, unusual and interesting gift for children and adults alike.

If you’re looking for a fun present that also has educational value - and helps support one of Arizona’s most beloved institutions, The Lowell Observatory - a membership to the Friends of Lowell Observatory is a terrific gift for children, grandchildren and adults. 

For more than 107 years, Lowell Observatory has been at the edge of discovery and exploration. The discovery of Pluto and evidence of an expanding universe are just two important achievements of Lowell astronomers. Just last summer, Lowell astronomers discovered one of the largest Near Earth Objects (NEO’s) or killer asteroids found to date.

Memberships begin at $50 per year. Members receive regular updates from Lowell Observatory through a quarterly magazine and a monthly email newsletter packed with terrific information about space, science and astronomy. In addition, members receive free admission to Lowell Observatory and more than 300 ASTC member science institutions around the world.

As one of the largest privately operated non-profit astronomical research institutions in the world, Lowell Observatory is in the unique position of being an active research institution that also offers an excellent, and accessible, education program. Each year, tens of thousands of visitors and students take part in Lowell’s diverse education programs, both at the Steele Visitor Center on Mars Hill in Flagstaff, and through Lowell’s outreach program, Reach for the Stars.

Your child can be on the cutting edge of discovery right along with Lowell astronomers. Plant the seed of discovery, learning and knowledge in a young person’s mind by giving a membership in the Friends of Lowell Observatory as a holiday gift.

Call (928) 774-3358 ext. 211 for more information or go online (

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